Breasts are very complicated and the Cooper’s ligaments hold a major role in maintaining breast shape and gravity.  When they start to sag the Cooper’s ligament has a lot to do with it.  In saying that, we can’t put all the blame on this ligament as other factors like age, genetics, weight, smoking and pregnancies all have a place here too.

The Cooper’s ligaments are thin connections between the breast skin wall and the pectoral muscle.  These ligaments suspend and as much as I mentioned all the other contributors, weight also plays a big factor.  The more weight to hold then the more strain on these thin ligaments.  Put simply a fuller bust require more support.  Now, this is not to say that A cups don’t need it, they just don’t need as much to hold you in place as a plus size bust. 

The Cooper’s ligaments are very unforgiving, once they stretch the result is sagging.  This is permanent and irreversible with surgery as the only fix.  Sure there are exercises that you can do to improve your pectoral muscle but this will have little to no impact on these ligaments as the pectoral muscle sits behind your breast tissue not ontop.  The best way to support a plus size bust is in a supportive, comfortable and perfectly fitting bra.  This will reduce the strain on these ligaments and help maintain shape and gravity.

Breast AnatomyA good plus sized sport bra is a must for any activity regardless of impact.  Sleep bras are also another to consider if your breasts fall to the side when you are on your back.  Support your fuller busts girls! Keep in mind your Cooper’s ligament and defy gravity for as long as possible!

Written by Andria Copp

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