Balconette (or Balcony) bras are the most popular style as they suit almost any breast shape or size.  The balconette is designed to give a natural rounded shape and will give good coverage with subtle cleavage. It is suitable to wear under lower necklines.
Suits: All breast shapes

Full Cup

A Full Cup bra will give maximum breast coverage with excellent support and everyday comfort.  This style suits larger breasts and will give a more rounded shape without cleavage.  This styles gives the most comfortable and offers exceptional support.
Suits: All breast shapes especially Bell and Tear Drop


Moulded bras cups are heat moulded to create a fixed cup shape.  This style will give a rounded breast shape and give the illusion of a perkier bust.  They are seam free and will create a smooth look under clothes.  They can feel bulkier as the material is thicker and generally incorporates foam to hold the moulding. 
Suits: Asymmetrical,Bell, East West, Slender


The plunge has a low centre front with angled cut cups with moderate support.  This bra creates a full cleavage and is great for concealing under low cut clothes. 
Suits: Bell, East West, Side Set, Slender, Round

Side Support

This style is perfect for the fuller bust and is designed to provide exceptional support while giving lift and forward projection.  The design features extra wide strengthened side panels that gives support and comfort throughout the day.
Suits: Bell, East West, Side Set, Tear Drop, Round


Sports bras are specifically designed to give the extra support needed during exercise.  They are extremely supportive and reduce bounce considerably which in turn protects breast tissue and shape.
Suits: All Shapes


Maternity bras have been specifically designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  They generally are wire free, although a flexi wire can be used, and are generally have a higher cotton content.  The fabric is more flexible to suit body changes and features drop down cups for ease of breastfeeding.
Suits: All Shapes

Strapless and Multiway

These styles can be adapted to suite a variety of clothing.  Strapless bras generally come with removable straps to create multiple ways of wearing.  A Multiway bra would need to be worn with the straps.  A Multiway could also simply have a J Clasp attached to a standard fixed strap to adjust the style to a racerback.
Suits: Most shapes though the heavier the more uncomfortable