Lingerie plays a big part in how we look and feel, it not only gives support, but it also gives confidence and is why it is so important to get the perfect style and individual fit right. Personally, I have struggled to find the perfect fitting bra and being a 12H meant I had very limited access to stores stocking my size. This to me just seemed ludicrous that a basic and absolutely necessary item for every woman was so hard to access.

Le Buste was born from the goal of making beautiful, supportive and comfortable lingerie (that doesn’t compromise on style) accessible to every woman. There are so many beautiful products out there though not all are comfortable nor suitable for a fuller shape. We will be continuing to evolve our range and have been selective as we only want to show the best on offer from the most reputable Lingerie Houses.

We take an individual approach and always offer a professional bra fitting and consultation which means that our sizing and styles aren’t limited. We want you to be in the best lingerie for you and will personalise as best we can to meet your requirements. If you can’t find something right, then please contact me and we can find the perfect fit for you.

Buying bras is often not a very straight forward process for most women, particularly for the fuller bust, so the option of being able to speak to someone and be properly fitted is important to us. Private bra fittings can be arranged, please call 0481 571 984.

Happy Shopping.