As a rule, always check individual care instructions first though as a guide the following care instructions can also be used to care for your garments. We always recommend hand washing for all of our bras and rotating with 3-4 different bras. A bra should never be worn two days in a row as the fabric needs a chance to recover and regain its shape before being worn again.


This is the preferred and best way to care for your bra. Cold water and a gentle detergent is recommended. Rinse really well and gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring as this will damage the bra.

Machine Washing
If this is the best option for you, then ensure the back clasp is fastened and insert in a quality lingerie bag. The machine should be set on a Delicate cycle using cold (or the lowest temperature setting) and a gentle detergent.


To remove excess water blot with a towel first and then allow the bra to dry flat naturally. If the bra has a moulded cup, ensure the moulding is shaped right before drying. Never put in the dryer or hang over a heater as this will ruin your bra. A non-moulded bra can be strung over a line (not by the end clap) to dry in the shade.


If your bras are stored well it will help them last as long as possible. For all bras (except moulded), fold the cups into each other then fold the back to sit neatly within the cup. Stack vertically side by side. If it is a moulded cup bras, lie the bra vertically facing forward and stack each bra into each other. If a moulded bra is folded into the cup it can damage not only the fabric but also the shape.

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