What makes a great Bra Fitter

What makes a great Bra Fitter


There is a staggering statistic that 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!  This really is appalling particularly when you have been fit by a professional bra fitter.  The fit is key and imperative to give you the ultimate support and comfort.  If this isn’t right, it won’t matter how much you spend, how reputable the brand or what technology is in place - if your bra isn’t the right fit then it won’t do all the things it claims!  Now, by ‘fit’ I mean the right style and size for YOU – what fits you perfectly may not suit the next (same sized) person at all.  Lingerie is just like your outer clothes, know the styles that work as not everything will look fabulous on you. 

There are key qualities that make a great bra fitter.  First of all, a tape measure isn’t always accurate.  Once you are over a D cup it becomes just a number and letter and often doesn’t equate to your correct size.  There are a whole host of other things to consider for both you and lingerie choice.  Is it the right brand and style for you?  Will it suit your style, breast shape and lifestyle with giving the right amount of support and comfort?  All these things will impact on what will work for you.  A good bra fitter will have a fair idea of what your size is without a tape measure and knows the best way to know your size is to fit.

What do you like?  What you wear has got to fit with your style and lifestyle.  I had often found I was offered something that was comfortable but was very frumpy and definitely not my style at all.  The clothes that you wear reflect your style and individuality, why shouldn’t your underwear reflect the same?  A good fitter will ask you questions and find out what your preferences and match to your shape and size.  There actually are styles that give style, comfort and support! 

It is great to have your go-to styles, particularly for your everyday bras though experiment with different brands and see how different they are and what suits you best.  It is not uncommon for styles to be discontinued – they often improve the style though an improvement for one may not be for another.  There are always new season ranges released that a great bra fitter will be able to know what would work for you.  Experiment and have fun with your lingerie.

Plus sized lingerie does need specific technology and design features in place for both larger cup sizes and back sizes.  Quality lingerie is a must and an investment in you!  Great lingerie will give you confidence, a great shape and support and just make you feel great.  Invest in you and find your perfect fit at our Brisbane bra shop.