All women need support, no matter what your size and finding a perfectly fitting bra along with finding a professional bra fitter can be tricky particularly if you are on either end of the cup size scale.  There are a few bra fitting tips and tricks that will help find your perfect fit in your D+ Bra.

The first thing to consider is your breast shape.  Like everything, not all shapes suit every style and of course this applies to lingerie too.  There are 7 breast shapes as a guideline (see The Fitting Room) and have recommended styles to suit though it is important to try as there are always exceptions. 

The size is absolutely imperative to get just right!  And knowing how the band and straps should be set makes all the difference.  This is where a professional bra fitter will take out all the guess work.  In saying that a private fitting is not always possible and with online shopping so prevalent it is important to give you the tools and confidence to know how a perfectly fitting bra should fit.   Whether you are an A cup or in D+ Bras these bra fitting tips are the same.

The band does most of the heavy lifting with the shoulder straps as support.  This means that the band needs to be firm enough to fit well with the hooks fastened on the middle to last hook.  It should be set firm enough to allow for two fingers to sit under the band.  Too tight it’s uncomfortable and too loose it will not only ride up your back along with giving you indents in your shoulders from the straps taking on extra weight. 

The shoulder straps should be firm, enough to allow for one finger comfortably under the strap.  They shouldn’t dig in or be uncomfortable.

With both the band and straps set correctly, let’s look at the cups.  Firstly, the underwire needs to be sitting directly under the breast.  The cups need to encompass the whole breast, there shouldn’t be any overspill so check the sides, underneath and top cup.  The centre gore should also be sitting flush on the chest wall.  If it is sitting out a bigger cup size is needed.   There shouldn’t be any pull through the top cup or any gapping.

There is so much more to what a professional bra fitting can give you.  This is just a tea cup version of the things to look for.  Remember that if you are one size in one brand that doesn’t necessarily mean you are the same in other.  It is always good to be fit in a few different brands to get to know what they are like and how their style and fit works with you. 

We specialise in D+ bras and lingerie, book in for a private consultation with our professional bra fitter and find the best styles and perfect fits for your shape, size and lifestyle.
Written by Andria Copp

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