Ultimate support that also has comfort of course! Did you know that your breast can bounce up to 14cm when unsupported during exercise?  So it’s a little scary to know that 44% who exercise regularly don’t wear a sports bra.  Why?  Remember that Cooper’s ligament. 

Let’s face it plus sized bras need different design and technology to what an A cup would need.  Weight has to be the most important consideration and this will change every aspect of the design.  To accommodate for a fuller bust, bras not only need to be supportive but we as a bonus also want them to look nice and have comfort. This tends to be an afterthought when designing big bust bras until now. 

Impact levels play a big part on deciding on the right sports bra.  In the past activities like running, horse riding or trampolining were probably never considered for fuller bust ladies.  The only way around this was to either avoid the activity or wear two bras (to hopefully give you double support?!).   Well these days are over as there are some awesome plus sized sports bras on the market and Shock Absorber bras are definitely a front runner. 

Shock Absorber is the UK’s leading sports bra brand and has been the industry expert since 1995.  They design with specific sports and impact levels in mind and produce the ultimate in support right up to a HH cup.  Their designs are lightweight, breathable, wireless and dare I say it comfortable.  They have developed the Ultimate Run bra so it is now possible to be a H cup and go for a run without damaging your precious Cooper’s ligament.  The Active Multi Sports Support and Active D+ Classic Support are also firm favourites that give extreme support.

Having a great functioning sports bra is a lingerie essential!  Elomi and Freya both go up to a K cup and do an awesome job in support, design and comfort.  Cake Lingerie also has a nursing sports bra for all the breastfeeding Mum’s.  

Remember your impact levels when choosing the right bra for you.  It can be easier just to go for the one with the most that allows you to do any activity you choose.  Whether you are in Shock Absorber bras or one of the plus sized sports bras that we stock at our bra shop in Brisbane, enjoy your sport, reduce your bounce and be in the ultimate support for your sport. 

Written by Andria Copp

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