February is a month synonymous with love and passion, and at Le Buste, we believe there is so much more to celebrate than the hallmark love story. We believe in embracing every curve, cherishing every moment, and raising women up all around the world in empowerment and confidence.

This Valentines Day we challenge our Le Buste Tribe to embrace love in all its forms, from romance, to love for others, love for oneself and love for the journey of life. We  want you to honour your uniqueness, celebrate your victories, and cherish your curves.

Valentines Day is a joyous time for many, but it can also be a lonely time for others. Remember you don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate love this Valentines Day. Take a moment to cherish the love you have around you, your friends, family. Practice self-love and remind yourself of your worth.

Remember those around you and reach out and show them how much they mean to you; small gestures of love and kindness can have a profound impact on others.

Nourish your body, soul and mind this season, remembering to be kind to yourself and reflect on what makes you beautifully unique.

Take pride in the journey of life, reflect on where you have come and where you are going. Your achievements, no matter how big or small are accomplishments to be celebrated.

Embrace your radiance and celebrate the beauty of being you this Valentines Day, because when you feel confident and beautiful, anything is possible.

Written by Kimberley Aloi

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