Well I absolutely love Shock Absorber bras!  They have given me the ability to run without holding my boobs or having to double bag.   I can’t say I am up the running stage yet in my get fit challenge though I will be giving it a good crack in the not too distant future and I want to know that I have the best support.

I have been road testing the D+ Classic Support Bra and I must say I am super impressed.  Even though I am not running yet, I do burst out in little jogs from time to time and I just smile and say to myself knowing that the girls aren’t going to knock me out in this bra!  Silly, I know but a little novelty that probably won’t wear off anytime soon!

Shock Absorber ONLY make sports bras, they have invested a great deal of time and money in the design and technology to create a product that outshines all the rest.  I have mentioned before about how the structure in a D+ bra is very different to what is required in a smaller cup bra.  In the styles that do start at an A cup, you can see the change in design and structure as the cup size increases.  After all, a pair of little lemons will never weight as much as watermelons and weight is only one of the factors that need to be considered.   

The D+ Classic Support Sports Bra is a more traditional styled bra, in that it has one anchor point at the back.  It gives an EXTREME level of support with a 70% bounce reduction and starts at a D cup through to a H.  High impact activities like horse riding, trampolining and running are all possible in this bra.  Performance breathable fabrics are used with friction control to keep you cool, comfortable and in your best form.

I completely love the fact that it is a WIREFREE plus sized sports bra and am amazed that so much support can be attained without a wire.  All the Shock Absorber styles that I stock are wirefree and it goes to show that the traditional ideals of where support comes from are quashed when it comes to Shock Absorber bras.  If you haven’t already tried one and you’re looking to get active (or already are) this will be a perfect bra for you.  

Written by Andria Copp

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